SINGLE REVIEW: Cody Jon – All Thanks To You

Cody Jon may just be Australia’s next big emerging pop act. The 17 year old singer, songwriter and  producer is quickly setting the foundations for a very big career with industry heavyweights already talking about his international appeal. 

The experimental sonical vibes that he has blueprinted for himself along with the nostalgic 90’s pop  star press shots he’s unveiled are impressively brilliant. Then on top of that you have smooth pop vocals that are reminiscent of Ruel along with an ability to deliver vivid songwriting. 

His new single ‘all thanks to you’ further explores these capabilities and gives you a fresh song to add to your playlists along with his catchy previous releases ‘what’s up’ and ‘poison’. 

The coming of age track reflects on the positive impact someone can have your day with just the touch of their embrace or with them just simply being around. Using the example of someone being in his class at school, he labels them as the reason why he’s distracted but feeling ultimately happy and calm. 

“All thanks to you, I can be breathe” he soothingly sings during the chorus. And you can’t help but feel a little giddy through his sweet delivery. 

Opening with a stripped back production, he just sings through vocoder while keys are layering the mood with the addition of strings and a slight pop beat. 

But as he reaches the second verse he unveils the funky pop production that you were slightly waiting for. It’s a fulfilled sound that takes the song to new heights and will have you immediately grooving along. 

From start to finish, this song is a really interesting listen. There are so many well calculated production decisions that shape the heart of the song and keep the listener guessing what is going to happen. 

At no point is he playing it safe, and for a singer, songwriter and producer that is the highest form of flattery. 

Cody Jon is someone you need to keep an eye on because inevitably soon you will be hearing a lot about him.