LPX is ready to share her new mood with you, and it’s brilliantly electric, contains high octane energy and sonically elevates everything she’s done prior. But above all that, she’s blatantly unapologetic, and that’s what we love to hear. 

The aptly titled ‘New Mood’ captures the raw essence of who LPX is as an artist, as well as who Lizzy Palpinger is as a person. The production is a punk-rock riot with a polished pop sensibility tied into it, while the lyrics are heavily reflective and relatable. 

The New York singer-songwriter continues to open up her soul through candid lyrics that detail her inner-monologue, and through ‘New Mood’ she details the process of learning to let go and the emotional release it can have. 

“I think it’s time for cutting lose. It’s time for choosing what you choose. And once you find your point of view I hope you light up like a fuse. I wanna light up a new mood” she proudly exclaims during the angsty and euphoric embodied hook.

But it’s the line; “I wish that I could just move forward, instead of being an emotional hoarder” which instantly resonates with the hyper emotional person I am. And if you also have an habit of holding onto your emotions and allow them to bank up, then your heart will also feel a heavy connection and want to break free from your mind. 

The song has this raw energy that is lifted by the crunching guitars and smashing drums that builds up the electricity that runs through from start to finish.

This is yet again another bold track from LPX’s growing discography, and one that will have you wanting to run around in circles in a mosh pit while screaming every word as passionately as she does.