SINGLE REVIEW: GRAACE – Hard To Say feat. I.E.

GRAACE sure knows how to get the heavy emotions flowing. Her growing discography is full of emotional pop tracks that hold a lot of heart while still managing to comfortably float in the pop market with ear worm hooks. 

Her new single ‘Hard To Say’ featuring I.E. hears her channeling a moody new sonic that is layered with a darker and mysterious synth palette. Capturing a hip-hop sensibility through the constructed beats that aide the melody with I.E.’s collaboration, it’s a little bit left-field to what you expected to hear from GRAACE.

The hook is very minimalistic with only a ‘Tom’s Diner’ inspired section of “Da-da-da-da-da, da-da-da’s” and the lyrics “So hard to say it. But I’ll keep on waiting” actually making it up. With the most lyrical substance coming during the verses that actually explain what the song of loss is actually about. 

It’s a slow burner track that grows on you with each listen. It slightly surprises me that she went with this as her next single when she has ‘Downgraded’ sitting in the wings, which she performed on her recent headlining tour, because sonically and lyrically it would work a lot better with it’s sassy and empowering sentiment. 

But this song still has potential to get those strong triple j plays. It’s just a little bit of a slow burner at first.