SINGLE REVIEW: San Mei – Cherry Days

Continually tightening her live show and honing her experimental indie-rock sound, San Mei has created a diverse discography for herself that has seen her growth documented in a really beautiful way. 

Ahead of her appearance at SXSW 2020, the Gold Coast singer-songwriter is dropping her third EP ‘Cry’ on March 20 that continues the self-exploration evolution. 

Her new single ‘Cherry Days’ is a dreamy affair of pure nostalgia mixed with a polished indie-rock flow and a pop accessibility. Taking the reigns of the production for this track, she puts on her producer hat for the first time and creates this aesthetically inducing moment that feels like a supercut of memories from her head.

Reflecting on the importance of the in-between moments, she urges people to live in the moment and take a step back from everything and just be present with the people you love. 

“I wanna feel the air between us disappear cause baby I know you’re tired too. And when this feeling comes alive, I tell myself that it’s alright, to taste some cherry days” she sings as she oozes into the slick chorus. 

Because of it’s dreamy aesthetic, this song is the perfect road-trip track as you just want to feel the air through your hair while you gaze into the distance. It’s a bit of a moment for her.