SINGLE REVIEW: Greyson Chance – Dancing Next To Me

Unravelling a true honesty within his songwriting, Greyson Chance is dropping the hidden metaphors within songs and telling it exactly how it is, no matter how raw or honest it may be. 

His sophomore studio album ‘Portraits’ was a celebratory affair of vulnerability that heard him sharing the deepest parts of his mind with listeners in a very forward thinking matter. The album was ultimately personal but was also sparked a universal connection with other people relating to this coming of age story. 

For his third studio album, Chance has signed with Arista Records and has teamed up with the prolific songwriter and producer Teddy Geiger to really hone the level of vulnerability and honesty that he wants his material to have. 

The lead single ‘Dancing Next To Me’ is an anthemic little moment that oozes pulsating synths, big 808’s and perfectly captures that 80’s pop sound that is truly making a comeback.  

Exploring the emotions of betrayal, Chance details a night of intimacy and an exchange of raw vulnerability that he shared with a guy through the duration of a night before the love interest takes off because he was afraid of what actually happened between the two of them. 

Feeling used by people who are experimenting or unsure about their sexuality is something that LGBTQI+ people experience a lot, and hearing his frustration and confusion is something that is very relatable on so many levels. 

“I was yours for the weekend. Come sunrise, it’s time for you to dodge your feelings. Call your girl to deny. We know is the truth. You were who you wanted to be. When you were there, you were there. You were dancing next to me” he details during honest the bridge. 

To counter-act the serious tone of the lyrics, the production is very light and anthemic as he delivers something you can dance and vibe to while also feel the emotions that he’s poured into the lyrical content.

This is a very bold beginning to this new chapter for Chance, and is a track that will grow on you with each listen and have you intriguingly want to hear more.