SINGLE REVIEW: Theia – Kitty Kat

Across the pond in New Zealand, Theia is creating some sonically bold and ridiculously infectious tracks that you need to get acquainted with on the ASAP. 

The Christchurch singer-songwriter is not only creating pop magic that fans of Charli XCX and Kim Petras will lap up in a heartbeat, but she’s also proudly waving the flag of experimentation and allowing each track she creates to take their own journey. 

Ahead of her support slot with Mika this weekend in Auckland and her appearance at Sydney’s Mardi Gras for the Heaps Gay party on Saturday 29 February, she has dropped a new empowerment anthem that will have you dancing immediately.

‘Kitty Kat’ is a playful PC pop track that has it’s experimental foundations but still manages to embody a glossy mainstream polish and an impactful catchy punch. 

Embracing her femininity, this track hears her taking a stand against anyone that has tried to take advantage of her or has underestimated who she is as a person. Including the laws of karma into the mix, this song is a playful representation of female empowerment. 

“Call me a slut when I dress like that. Gonna chain me up like a kitty kat. Hands around my neck, I’ll give you a scratch. Karma comes around cos this kitty bites back” she boldly and proudly states during the playful but important chorus. 

The electronic synths and 808 beats slickly glue all of the pieces together of the PC pop track and help put her own unique Theia stamp on it. It’s ridiculously catchy and an all-round fun time.