SINGLE REVIEW: Marco – Harder To Breathe

As we start reaching the end of Summer, the reflective motions naturally begin to flow as we start overthinking the decisions we made and start questioning the what if’s in our paranoid state of mind. And to perfectly soundtrack that change of season and those emotional ponders is the dreamy alt-pop vibes of Brisbane musician, Marco. 

After briefly introducing himself to listeners in 2018 with the breakthrough streaming hits ‘Running’ and ‘When I Was A Ghost’, he’s finally returned with a even moodier sonic. 

‘Harder To Breathe’ is Marco’s first major label release after signing with Sony Music Australia late last year. The reflective track about losing hope and finding a deep connection with someone perfectly makes itself home within his other coming of age material. 

“Like loose change in my pocket, you used to have a home. Don’t tell me that it’s easy, it’s not for everyone. My thoughts can be deceiving, it used to be like breathing” he opens up during the first verse before admitting “It’s getting harder to breathe right now” during the transcendent hook. 

The dreamy alt-pop sonic hears him citing some fellow moody influences from the likes of Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Alec Benjamin and LAUV. There is definitely a commercial accessibility within his production that opens him up to a wide audience.

‘Harder To Breathe’ is a great little dreamy moment that re-introduce’s himself to listeners and begins a new chapter of even bigger things to come.