SINGLE REVIEW: GENES – When I’m Around You

The Australian pop landscape is currently thriving with so many uniquely brilliant artists showcasing their individual sounds and vision. There’s so much exciting versatility in the local pop scene alone that it doesn’t come as a surprise at all that pop is starting to take over the festival and radio markets. And a newcomer that is going to start popping up on your radar is the Townsville-via-Melbourne singer-songwriter, GENES.

After introducing herself to listeners with the synth-soaked and rhythmically inclined debut single ‘Give It Away’, she’s backing it up with another slick banger which is even bigger than it’s predecessor. 

‘When I’m Around You’ is THE song. It’s THE song that will immediately get stuck in your head and have you actively wanting to find out more about who GENES is. It’s THE song that could easily become her mainstream breakthrough track. And it’s THE song that you will want to experience live and singalong passionately to. 

Opening with 80’s influenced synths soaked in a polished pop shine, she lays down a easy going sonical palette that she continues to grow throughout the duration. Adding in pulsating synths during the second verse, and the classic 80’s synth drums during the second chorus, she really hones her craft and creates an anthemic moment that Carly Rae Jepsen would be jealous of. 

Reflecting on the euphoric and flirtatious feeling we experience when we begin to fall for someone, she perfectly captures that warm energy within the heartbeat of the song. 

“There’s built up chemistry. It’s the way you look at me. You try to keep it hidden but I just get the feeling. And it might be wrong of me but I know you’re into me. Yeah, i just get the feeling when I’m around you” she sings during the pulsating bridge.

Sometimes you just know if someone is going to be special within your life, and GENES embraces that excitement with this gushy track that will have you wanting to proclaim to the world your loved up feelings even if you aren’t in love currently. 

And while this is only her second released track, I think it’s safe to say that if she’s going to keep dropping bops like these then she may just become one of Australia’s next big popstars.