SINGLE REVIEW: Elliot Jones – Groupie

Elliot Jones is a Californian newcomer that you need to have on your radar. After the huge success of last years breakthrough releases ‘i’m in love’ and ‘Emotions’, he’s ready to shake off the emotions and get a little playful for his first release of 2020.

‘Groupie’ is a moody self-empowerment track that is all about knowing your worth and taking a stand against someone who is continually walking all over you and treating you like you’re replaceable. And if Beyonce taught us anything in the mid 2000’s, it’s that you are irreplaceable and you shouldn’t let anyone tell you differently. 

Using 70’s music culture as a key reference to this song, he compares the way a guy is treating him to be like how a band member would treat a groupie. Assigning the role of someone like Penny Lane to himself, he croons through the storyline and allows the realisations to unravel. 

“But I’m out here, on the bleachers at your show, Wearing your T-shirt. You’re never doing the shit I do for you” he realises during the bridge before proclaiming “I’m not just your Groupie” through the pulsating hook.

Soaking his sonical palette in darker and moodier rhythmic tones, he adds a pop polish that makes sure there is still a commercial accessibility within his experimentation. Some of the lyrics are a little cheesy but the tone of the production adds a little sophistication to them so they aren’t blatantly full blown cringe moments. 

What this song does is show another side to Elliot Jones as an artist that is a little more playful than the emotional and romantic sides we’ve been introduced to so far. He could have delivered another anthemic emotional moment to continue the trajectory of ‘i’m in love’ but instead he’s shared a different boldness, and that’s an important sign of the inner-popstar that is emerging from Jones through these releases.