EP REVIEW: Robinson – Watching You

Capturing a perfect balance of raw vulnerability and earworm pop hooks, Robinson has built a loyal following of likeminded emotionally charged listeners who have danced and sang their hearts out to songs like ‘Nothing To Regret’, ‘Medicine’ and ‘Karma’. 

The New Zealand singer-songwriter has welcomed her debut EP ‘Watching You’ into the world with a bold pop polish that help make each of these four songs individually shine. 

Opening with ‘I Tried’, she channels the rhythmic dance flow of ‘Karma’ while refining the pop polish to have an almost Taylor Swift glimmer during the hook. And half of that comes down to the hopeful feeling that the song embodies as she reflects on a break-up which sees her just longing the person.

Getting the courage to actually talk to the person about it, she simply asks them if they feel the same. “And I still want you. There’s still a lot to say. And I can’t stand the silence. So tell me do you feel the same?”. 

This is the EP’s strongest moment which is closely followed by the title track ‘Watching You’ which is less euphorically emotional and more just tear-jerking emotional. 

With a dreamy indie-pop sonic intertwining with the ballad format, she reflects on an ex moving on and meeting someone else. It’s something that she admits had given her mixed feelings. She knew they would find someone else but is still saddened by the fact that they aren’t together anymore. 

But it’s the beautifully sad chorus that will have you feeling so many different ways. “I’m too tired to pretend that last night didn’t hurt when you called me a friend. And it wouldn’t be the first time you made me cry” she admits. 

Playing around with the same type of indie-pop styling of ‘Nothing To Regret’ on ‘Lie To Me’, she gives listeners that bold moody sound with dreamy vocals. While the lead single ‘Don’t Say’ is a straight up synth driven Robyn influenced moment that will have you wanting to dance. 

As a collective, these songs explore the different sides of Robinson that she’s shown over the past couple of years through her continuous string of singles. But as she dives deeper into these sonics, she’s created a bold collection that acts as a perfect introduction to new listeners on this journey. 

Robinson Australian Tour

Wednesday 11 March – The Lansdowne, Sydney

Friday 13 March – The Gasometer Hotel, Melbourne