SINGLE REVIEW: Odette – Feverbreak

Sometimes we just need to feel raw anger. We need to let that rage boil inside of us that is excitingly dangerous and poignantly emotional at the same time. And that’s the concept that Odette has explored on her highly anticipated first single since her 2018 debut album, ‘To A Stranger’.  

‘Feverbreak’ hears the Sydney singer-songwriter teaming up with Hermitude for this brooding electronic infused track. Beginning a spoken word delivery similar to ‘Watch Me Read You’, she spits truths about her personal revelation surrounding her relationship with someone that unfortunately felt like a one way street. 

Segueing into the chorus she delivers a smooth hook that hears her begging for something more with an electronic distortion breaking up the smooth delivery. 

“I’m burning can you help me break the fever? Never needed anything more than your real love” she ponders. But it’s the final verse that begs the question; “Before you lay with a lucid writer. Ask, Are you bold?”, and as a fellow creative, that line hit hard. 

With the full band coming in for the final hook, it really ignites the brooding and growing sonic that they’ve built within this song. It feels like a raw reflective moment that she needed to personally have, and it’s going to be one that really comes to life in her live show. 

Odette Australian Tour

Saturday 7 March – WOMAD, Adelaide

Monday 9 March – WOMAD, Adelaide

Saturday 18 April – Metro Theatre, Sydney                           

Friday 24 April – Croxton, Melbourne

Sat 30th May – Big Pineapple Festival, Sunshine Coast