SINGLE REVIEW: Illy – Last Laugh

“Well well, hate saying told you so. Hold up, wait no I don’t. That’s my favourite thing of favourite things” Illy admits during the opening lines of his fresh new single ‘Last Laugh’.

And coincidentally, this song hears him having the last laugh in a tasteful way. Directed towards all the haters that have tried to bring him down over the years, and the criticism towards his pop injected sound, he clears out all the negativity and focuses on what makes him happy. 

At it’s foundations, this song is quintessential Illy. With his free-flowing verses that are quick, impactful and cheeky, he slides into a catchy hook that is radio ready. 

The melody in the chorus is reminiscent of Maroon 5’s ‘Lucky Strike’ with it’s similar flow that is pure fun. “Now here we are, fill your glass eat your heart out till you can’t. I guess I got the last laugh” he proclaims. 

Rising above all the negativity, he’s just created a fun song that pokes fun at all the negativity and hate he’s received and has turned it into a future radio and chart smash to add to his accolades.