SINGLE REVIEW: Niall Horan – No Judgement 

Following the announcement that his sophomore album ‘Heartbreak Weather’ will be released on March 13, Niall Horan has dropped his new single that hears him heading towards a Ed Sheeran and Justin Bieber influenced pop sound. 

‘No Judgement’ is a song that has been ultimately created for radio. The soulfully smooth hook has a rhythmically inclined heart that throws in a touch of Khalid inspiration into the mix as well. 

With the guitar still at the heart of the song, they’ve built a playful pop production around it that lifts his usual acoustic natured sonic to a even friendlier and more commercially accessible level. 

But while this is different for him, it’s not necessarily different for radio. In fact, it sounds like almost every pop-R&B injected song that has been serviced to radio recently. Pulling so many different current references, this song doesn’t exactly feel original or unique. 

Lyrically Horan wants to use this song to preach to people the importance of creating a safe space free of judgement in our homes, friendship groups, work spaces and at concerts. 

“When you’re with me, no judgement. You can get that from anyone else. You don’t have to prove nothing. You can just be yourself” he sings during the hook. 

It’s interesting because the three singles he’s delivered so far for this record offer three completely different sonics. So at this stage the direction of the album is still a bit of a secret with no distinct cohesiveness established and that is a little worrying.