SINGLE REVIEW: Khalid feat. Disclosure – Know Your Worth

Last time Khalid and Disclosure teamed up, the groovy anthem ‘Talk’ was brought into the world. So the idea of them teaming up again felt like a sure-fire hit was on the way, but this time they’ve gone down the road of delivering a moodier sonic. 

‘Know Your Worth’ is a smooth R&B meets tropical pop track that is less focused on delivering a catchy hook and radio monster unlike it’s predecessor. Instead Khalid wants to stress the importance of knowing your worth and not giving into the self doubt we can be subjected to through someone else’s influence. 

“Find someone you know will put you first. Find someone who loves you at your worst” he confidently proclaims during the hook which has a real rhythmic flow to it. 

But that’s where the strong ear worm sensibility ends as the rest of the song feels a little uninspired and simple. 

None of the lyrics are really ground breaking. There is so much raw truth that could be said within the lyrics, but he shy’s away from really addressing the issue and keeps it very cookie-cutter and radio friendly. 

With the song’s storyline I would’ve liked him to really dive into the subject matter more instead of hiding behind the general attributes that everyone addresses with these sort of songs. 

On top of that the production feels a little off and doesn’t feel truly syncopated with the vision and storyline that Khalid is trying to map out to his listeners.