SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Bieber feat. Quavo – Intentions

For the roll out of his fifth studio album ‘Changes’, Justin Bieber has stripped things back completely and rebranded himself with a relaxed R&B aesthetic that is honestly a little forgettable. 

His lead singles ‘Yummy’ and ‘Get Me’ have failed to create an overwhelming buzz that his previous records have had, and his recent lacklustre performance on SNL definitely didn’t help with a lot of online confusion surrounding his lack of connection and effort. 

Thankfully his new single ‘Intentions’ is not only stronger but also melodically smoother with a pop sensibility intertwined into the hook. But as you start peeling away the layers you will realise that it’s still not a GREAT song compared to the sure-fire songs he’s delivered in the past. And without the star power behind his name, this song wouldn’t chart or be played on radio because it’s ultimately very simple. 

“Picture perfect, you don’t need no filter. Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer. Shower you with all my attention. Yeah, these are my only intentions” he sings during the hook as he tries to make his good intentions clear to his wife, Hailey Bieber. 

The rhythmic flow of the chorus is very simple but catchy as it follows the trend of recent R&B-pop hits. While it’s a song you would hum along to when it comes on the radio, it’s not one that you would go out of your way to blast. Even Quavo’s feature verse doesn’t save the song from being anymore than just an average at best track. But it’s definitely better than ‘Yummy’ and ‘Get Me’.

It’s easy listening R&B-pop and a calculated last minute release to try get some radio play before the album drops. There’s no other way to say it, but its a safe track.