SINGLE REVIEW: Dylan Joel – Snow

Following the release of his 2019 collection ‘You Were Made To Blossom’, Dylan Joel has taken a step back to re-find himself as an artist and to redefine the message and sound he wants to send into the world. 

‘Snow’ is a somber re-introduction that strips it back to his humble beginnings with just an acoustic guitar and melody-driven rap flow that builds into a chilled out piano, atmospheric synth and drum accompaniment. 

Reflecting on someone close to him’s battle with mental health, he urges the importance of checking on your loved ones, telling people you love them and genuinely just caring about and listening to people. 

“just don’t let go” he passionately and emotionally sings during the hook as he attempts to inspire someone to keep fighting and encourages them to keep their head up. 

It’s a really important message to send out into the world, especially with today’s political climate feeling very negative and heavy, as well as the social media communities we’ve built feeling really toxic with everyone trying to outdo each other. 

He keeps the message impactful and the sonical delivery simple so the message shines through, and it successfully does.