SINGLE REVIEW: Anne-Marie – Birthday

Anne-Marie is kickstarting her new musical era with a confident and sassy track that encourages people to act like it’s their birthday every day. 

‘Birthday’ is little pop anthem with a whole lot of attitude. The fiery and fun track is one that you can’t help but smile along to from start to finish as it really embodies this contagious carefree energy.  

Paying homage to the anthemic tracks that came before her like ‘It’s My Party’ from Jessie J and ‘Birthday’ from Katy Perry, she really owns the big chorus and returns this playful sentiment to commercial radio. 

Reflecting on breaking up with a love interest, she channels her negative heartbreak headspace into a positive and empowering one which hears her declaring the reckless and fun things she will do instead of giving into being sad. “Do some stupid shit, maybe get a tattoo. Whatever I can do to get my mind off you” she proclaims. 

Proving yet again that she knows how to deliver a huge pop chorus that will slay at radio she sings,“It’s my birthday! I’mma do what I like. I’mma eat what I like. I’mma kiss who I like” during the hopeful hook as she embraces her own happiness and empowerment. 

From start to finish ‘Birthday’ is a super fun track that radiates positive energy. And with it’s big confident pop production behind it, you will be singing the infectious hook over and over again in your head.