EP REVIEW: JP Saxe – Hold It Together

After serenading the world an apocalyptic love song appropriately called ‘If The World Was Ending’ with Julia Michaels late last year, JP Saxe has become an artist that a lot of people want to get to know. 

The Canadian singer-songwriter is ready to open himself up more to listeners with the release of his debut EP ‘Hold It Together’. The confessional collection of tracks hears him authentically representing his artistry with these candid thoughts and soothing melodies. 

Alongside ‘If The World Was Ending’ and his 2018 release ’25 In Barcelona’ is four new tracks that further explore love, heartbreak and mental health.  

His new single ‘Sad Corny Fuck’ is a track that is already receiving a lot of hype because of it’s honest and candid nature. The romantic love song is acoustically raw with just a guitar and his vocals serenading his girlfriend this detailed reflection on the moment he knew she was the one.

With lyrics like, “And I still don’t know what you’ve done to me. I’m just a sad corny fuck suddenly”, this track is one giant relatable moment for anyone who has fallen head first in love before. 

But a song that immediately stood out to me was the beautifully honest ‘3 Minutes’ which is another track about his girlfriend Julia Michaels. But this time he takes the approach of reflecting on their rough patches and how they have both made careers about singing about their exes. 

“But you got a lot of great songs bout a lot of shit guys. You did more with 3 minutes than they’ll do with their lives. And we’ll buy ourselves houses with our heartbreak songs. Fuck everybody else who ever treated us wrong” he sings during the catchy hook. 

While this jazz influenced piano ballad is raw and honest, there’s a playful sentiment to it while he addresses all the people in their lives who have previously fucked up. Which makes for a unique contrast in emotions. 

Reflecting for a moment on a ex which shattered his confidence, ‘Explain You’ is a piano ballad which hears him trying to make excuses for why he still cares for them, but ultimately growing from the experience and realising he doesn’t need them in his life anymore. 

“My therapist called you a learning experience. 1-80 an hour that’s all that he mentions. Missing you is getting fucking expensive” he candidly quips during the opening lines of the song which is one giant relatable mood. 

Closing the EP is the falling in love anthem ‘Hold It Together’. With only a simple guitar accompaniment, Saxe soothingly confesses his feelings while he sees his walls crumbling down. “Take my heart and we can hold it together” he sings as he realises he’s ready to fall in love again, and in a way that he’s never done before. 

It’s a simple but beautiful way to close the EP as it feels even more candid than the rest of the material on the collection which represents all the highs and lows of love in a detailed and honest fashion. 

This EP just confirms that JP Saxe really is an artist that you want to get to know.