SINGLE REVIEW: Aly & AJ – Attack Of Panic

Aly & AJ’s return to music has been an experimental journey of soaked synth-pop sonics with vulnerable lyrics that hear them opening up as songwriters. Wanting to constantly evolve and grow, the release of their recent EP’s ‘Ten Years’ and ‘Sanctuary’ have perfectly set the foundations for their forthcoming third studio album which is promised to be an experimental affair. 

‘Attack Of Panic’ boldly kicks off this new chapter with a song dedicated to the prominent and uncomfortable feeling of a panic attack. It’s something that majority of people suffer from or have experienced at one point in their life, and it’s refreshing to hear the rawness of it projected in this sonical way. 

“You sit back, relax, everything attacks. Anxious, your heart rate is in a state. Sunshine is too bright for your eyes. You lay wide awake cause sleep never came” they sing during the first verse as they detail the side effects of panic attacks before candidly breaking it down during the hook. “There’s a panic in myself. Talking heads inside us, and they try to bring me down”. 

Throughout the past two EP’s they’ve embraced an 80s influenced synth-pop sound and this song takes those foundations and really adds an even more experimental edge to it.

Sonically they’ve layered the candid nature of the songwriting with a bold and intense synth production that is really striking upon a first listen. It’s the sort of sound that you can immediately imagine flashing lights to because it embodies that chaotic energy so well. And it’s therefore a song that grows on you with each listen and takes a darker approach to the synth-pop they’ve been releasing.