SINGLE REVIEW: Jack Garratt – Time

With the announcement of the release of his second studio album ‘Love, Death & Dancing’ out 29 May, Jack Garratt is ready to continue pushing the envelope with his inventive sound. 

The British singer-songwriter and producer is an artist that creates and performs his own sound from scratch. From there the extensive layers that define each song are created and the genre bending essence that inhabits all of his music proves that making a song just one genre is just an exhausted formality. 

The lead single for the new record is the reflective ‘Time’ that questions why we are always so concerned with every little aspect of our life and overthink and over calculate every decision and feeling we have. Because at the end of the day we do have time to make mistakes and learn to grow from them, as that is the premise of life. 

“Why is it not enough to be fine? You’re overthinking, in a rut and terrified” he sings during the opening moments of the song before confessing in the hook; “Time is on your side”. 

With a ticking synth that resembles the concept of time intertwined with a prominent guitar riff and growing harmonies, he builds this song to have a really big electronic led production that feels highly experimental and captivating. 

The concept of this album is that he’s written it for people who like to dance but don’t necessarily want to go out on a Saturday night. And that’s a serious mood that I understand on a personal level. With the suffering of anxiety and depression, he’s created an emotionally reflective track that has a rhythmically curated beat that makes you want to move in a different way. 

Volume 1 of the forthcoming album is out now on streaming services and sees another two tracks accompanying ‘Time’ in this introduction of the new chapter of Garratt’s music. 

‘Mara’ is a chilled out moment which has gospel vocoder influences shrouded with electronic foundations. While ‘Return Them To The One’ is an angsty and experimental track that gives me some serious Robert Delong vibes. 

Jack Garratt has always been one to push the envelope with his sound, and these three new songs are a perfect example of the experimental sonics that he wants to explore with this new chapter.