SINGLE REVIEW: Eilish Gilligan – I Just Want To Look At You

Eilish Gilligan is continuing the expressive exploration of her sonical palette with a lush new single that delivers a romantic outlook on the simple moments that we sometimes skip over. 

Falling in love is a beautiful thing and sometimes we forget to lay in the moment and soak in just how beautiful it is. And on ‘I Just Want To Look At You’, the Melbourne singer-songwriter who has in the past given us the emotionally driven heartbreak anthems ’S.M.F.Y’, ‘The Pull’ and ‘Someone Else’, has allowed herself to really bathe in that candid moment of happiness. 

As she sings “Lie still, don’t move. I just want to look at you” during the chorus, she recounts a moment that someone said that line to her, and after taking it as a throwaway line she realised just how beautiful and nice the comment actually was. 

As the pulsating indie-pop synth beat kicks in at the beginning of the first verse, she soothingly begins to reflect on the raw feelings of letting someone in after being alone for so long and then taking a big move like giving them a spare key not just to your house but to your heart added to the emotional weight. 

Her signature theatrical vocals perfectly glide over the production and add that dreamy indie-pop polish that you’ve become accustomed to with her music. 

Once the anthemic chorus breaks, the indie-pop hook full of reflective emotions feels like such a euphoric release. It’s a song that is cautiously happy, and if you’ve been a situation where you’ve fallen in love after being through a toxic relationship, then you will understand perfectly. 

‘I Just Want To Look At You’ is a beautiful song that embodies a genuine warmth of reflection that compliments the emotional sincerity of the rest of her back catalogue, and shows another leap of growth in her pop songwriting.