ALBUM REVIEW: Louis Tomlinson – Walls

Louis Tomlinson is the last of the ex-One Direction members to release their solo album, and the journey to the completion of this record has been a long one as he’s experimented with sounds along the way that have actively challenged himself to find his own voice as a singer-songwriter. 

‘Walls’ has a nostalgic heart deep within it’s roots. Reflecting on love, heartbreak, grief and personal growth, this record is a humbling affair of true emotions. Pouring his heart and soul into the lyrical content, he’s grown the sonic into a brit-pop affair. Opening track ‘Kill My Mind’ is one of the albums more angsty moments that hears him letting it all out before delivering a more polished and chilled out approach. 

The heartbreaking ‘Two Of Us’ is a track that is dedicated to his mum who he lost to cancer in 2016 and hears him promising to live his life energetically charged for the two of them. While the anthemic ballad ‘We Made It’ is a celebration of the persistence and passion which has got him to where he is today with the help of his fans. 

Then you have the lightly guitar driven ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ which leads into a big drum filled chorus that is all about instilling hope into people when they need it the most. The chorus is very reminiscent of the later One Direction material which he heavily co-wrote with the strong melody leading the way. 

All of these songs have an anthemic feel to them and that’s one thing he’s really focused on delivering within this twelve track record. 

A song that immediately stands out is the honest ‘Habit’ which hears him confessing that no matter the struggles that he goes through with someone, that he will always love them because of their strong connection. “Never thought that giving up would be so hard. But God, I’m missing you and your addictive heart” he sings during the pre-chorus. It’s a very sweetly honest track that has a smooth earworm melody.

Another instant highlight was the vulnerable ‘Defenceless’ which hears Tomlinson opening up about struggling with being honest and candid with someone. The production is quite upbeat and and builds during the song’s duration into this big carefree release. 

This collection of tracks is the strongest and most authentic of his solo material compared to some of his earlier singles which seemed a little sonically confused. There is a real heart and musicianship connected to them that will have you genuinely impressed. 

Louis Tomlinson Australian Tour

Saturday 25 April – Big Top, Sydney

Monday 27 April – Palais Theatre, Melbourne