SINGLE REVIEW: Taylor Swift – Only The Young

Taylor Swift has opened up to the world through her new Netflix documentary ‘Miss Americana’ (out now) that allowed fans into some of the singer-songwriter’s darkest moments. To coincide with the release of the documentary, she’s dropped a brand new “politically woke” song that plays in the credits and encourages young adults to use their voice for what they believe in. 

While the concept was there, the heart wasn’t. This song is terribly vanilla and fails to insert any real “wokeness” to anyone that isn’t already willing to speak up. Instead, it just feels like a quickly thrown together track to show that she does care about the future and that she does want people to stand up for themselves. But it could’ve been executed a lot stronger. 

The verses show glimpses of hope as she details what is currently wrong in society and points fingers at who isn’t helping make that change. “They aren’t gonna help us. Too busy helping themselves. They aren’t gonna change this. We gotta do it ourselves”.

But it’s the anti-climatic chorus that really lets this song down. With a hook that blandly states; “But only the young, only the young, only the young, only the young can run”, you can’t help but feel disheartened and uninspired instead of motivated and empowered. 

Even the production feels half baked, which isn’t like Taylor at all. So I’m not completely sure what went wrong with this song, but something really does feel off.