SINGLE REVIEW: Samantha Jade – In The Morning

Samantha Jade has kickstarted her new musical era by returning to her roots and soaking her sound in a R&B palette that will give you a lot of pure nostalgia. But while doing this she also manages to put a modern pop spin on the melodies that keep it fresh and have a similar aesthetic to Ariana Grande and Camila Cabello.

‘In The Morning’ dives deeper into this sonical exploration and hits a little harder than ‘Bounce’ did. Produced by DNA, they start the production with a reggae infused RNB beat that is similar to Grande’s ‘Side To Side’ while Jade croons through the verse with her signature vocal melodies before adding her vocal riffs during the pre-chorus. Once the hook hits she takes it down a notch and brings the seductive R&B vibes for an infectious chorus that will have you grooving along immediately.

The playful song hears her admitting that she just wants a little fun in her life and wants a one night stand instead of something serious. “I’m not looking for the love of my life, just give me tonight” she sings during the pre-chorus before proclaiming in the hook that the next morning that he will be in love from his brief time with her. “But you’ll be in love in the morning”. 

‘In The Morning’ is an impressively strong track that is a lot of fun and hears her not taking herself too seriously while providing some empowering goodness. It’s a great little throwback to her ‘Step Up’ sound while injecting a fresh pop perspective into the melody.