SINGLE REVIEW: Fleur East – Lucky

Fleur East is heading into this new era of her career as a happily in love married woman and she’s excited to scream it from the rooftops. But on top of that she’s also taking control of her sound, vision and artistry and emerging into this new chapter as an independent artist. 

Her highly anticipated sophomore album ‘Fearless’ will be released on March 20 and will hear her further defining her sound following her recent singles ‘Size’, ‘Figured Out’ and ‘Favourite Thing’. 

Continuing the rhythmic sound that was experimented during ‘Favourite Thing’ and ‘Figured Out’, her new single ‘Lucky’ feels like the bold single that could easily breakthrough into the commercial radio world for her. It’s a track that feels fresh, it’s infectious and it even has a hint of nostalgia thrown in there which helped made ‘Sax’ a smash hit for her.

Reflecting on her journey as an artist, this song is a personal reminder to herself to keep reaching and to keep pushing boundaries. “I don’t need a four leaf clover. Luck can only take you so far. And they say I’m a supernova, but I don’t need to wish on a star, no” she sings during the pre-chorus. 

But this song also comments on the idea that everyone thinks you’re “lucky” when you have a run of personal success but she spins it and says that luck can only take you so far in life and she’s realised that she’s blessed to have the resilience to keep pushing through all the hard times. 

“They say that I’m lucky but I know I’m blessed” she proclaims during the chorus before leading into a rhythmic beat that is so addictive and fun. 

This whole song is a refreshing pop moment that will remind listeners why her debut album was so well acclaimed. And it’s also just a banger.