SINGLE REVIEW: DMAS – Life Is A Game Of Changing 

There is a lot happening in the DMA’s camp at the moment. The Sydney three piece have just kicked off a national Australian tour with Laneway Festival and to coincide with the juggernaut of shows, they’ve dropped a brand new single and announced their third studio album ‘The Glow’ which will be released on April 24. 

‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ is a song that steers the band ins a bold new direction. With polished synth production tied into repetitive hooks, they are really trying to create a body of work that feels anthemic. Successfully honing that sound within this song, they elevate their sonic from what they’ve already done and genuinely creates something that feels fresh. It’s almost unrecognisably a DMAS track upon a first listen. 

Reflecting on humanities struggle to adapt, they share their own commentary on how they think we react in situations that push us out of our comfort zone. “The change it comes, the change it goes. For you to see, and now you know life is a game of changing”. 

‘Life Is A Game Of Changing’ is very different song for DMAS and isn’t as in your face as some of their earlier material but it’s still got that nostalgic feel.