SINGLE REVIEW: Diplo feat. Julia Michaels & Morgan Wallen – Heartless 

Diplo’s roll out of new music has been really… interesting… to say the least. In August 2019 he dropped a new song called ‘Heartless’ with Morgan Wallen. The country meets trap song has surprisingly done quite well on streaming services even though it is a mediocre at best song, so I was quite surprised when they announced they were going to re-release the song with Julia Michaels.

The re-envisioned song hears Julia jumping on the track for the first verse and chorus while harmonising with Wallen. The production has an added pop layering that slightly smooths it out and makes it a little bit more commercially friendly for mainstream radio. 

But in hindsight, this new version didn’t need to happen. There was no real NEED for it to be done. The song was doing well the way it was and didn’t need to be pushed in a different direction. It’s not that great of a song and the focus should go back on his song with the Jonas Brothers cause at least that one is a little bit better.