SINGLE REVIEW: Cosmos Midnight feat. Ruel – Down For You

Cosmos Midnight have teamed up with teen prodigy Ruel for what may just become one of their biggest singles yet. 

‘Down For You’ is quintessential Cosmos Midnight with its vibey indie-EDM production that compliments Ruel’s aesthetic so perfectly. It doesn’t push his direction too far unlike his SG Lewis collaboration, ‘Flames’, which was quite drastically different to anything he’s done before. Instead of pushing the boundaries, the two acts have just joined forces to really hone the sound and create the best possible song they could. And it’s quite the banger. 

Reflecting on a party he attended, Ruel sings about wanting to leave but deciding to stay because there is someone special to him who doesn’t want him to go. It’s a very simple concept, but it’s very cute, romantic and makes you feel like gushing over someone ASAP. 

“You know that I hate this place but if you wanna stay I do too. We’ll let the night turn to day. I’m down either way cause I’m so down for you” he sings during the groovy hook that has such a slick energy to it. 

The Cosmos Midnight boys have constructed the production of this song to really highlight all of their strengths. It has a slow burn energy that embodies the foundations but it really just continues to grow on you with it’s vibey aesthetic and authentic delivery.