After releasing their debut single ‘Where We Began’ at the end of last year, COTERIE are ready to add another new song to their impending discography. 

The Perth four-piece have quickly grown themselves a new fanbase that have already raked in over 740,000 streams on Spotify alone, and their new single has the potential to surpass those numbers. 

‘Salvation’ is an anthemic moment of reflection and power that speaks at a universal level of understanding and personal growth. Life can be hard, actually, it can be really shit, and sometimes all we need is a hand to lift us up. And that’s what this song is all about. 

‘I’ve lost my way. Don’t deny me” lead singer Tyler Fisher sings during the opening moments of the song as he expresses the wrong direction he may have gone in before asking for help and support in the soulful hook. “Save me from this bed of lies. Watch me through your bleeding eyes because I’m begging you to stay”. 

The gospel fuelled verses roll into a big gospel influenced hook which is met by a steady guitar riff and a pop-rock influenced drum beat that elevates the sound to create a even bigger moment. 

It’s sonically very reminiscent of the likes of Conrad Sewell and Dermot Kennedy, but COTERIE definitely lean more into the gospel rock section at this stage.

It’s a track that holds a lot of strong potential for them at commercial radio and could see them pushing their streams even further very early into their career. 

Coterie Australian Tour 

Thursday 6 Feb – El Grotto – Scarborough

Saturday 8 Feb – Canning Civic Centre – Canning

Thursday 13 Feb – El Grotto – Scarborough

Thursday 20 Feb – El Grotto – Scarborough

Thursday 27 Feb – El Grotto – Scarborough

Thursday 16 April – Waywards – Sydney

Friday 17 April – The Penny Black – Melbourne 

Sunday 19 April – The Tatts – Goulburn 

Thursday 23 April – Waywards – Sydney

Friday 24 April – The Penny Black – Melbourne 

Sunday 26 April – North Gong hotel – Wollongong

Thursday 30 April – Waywards – Sydney 

Friday 1 May – The Penny Black – Melbourne

Wednesday 6 May – Waywards – Sydney

Thursday 7 May – The Penny Black – Melbourne

* more dates coming soon