MIXTAPE REVIEW: Lara Andallo – For Her

There is a gap in the market for a local R&B artist to redefine what the Australian R&B scene looks like, and that may just be Lara Andallo.

Over the past six months the Sydney newcomer has been impressing listeners with a string of introductory singles that have teased a little taste of who she is as an artist. 

‘Confidential’, ‘180’ and ‘Said&Done’ were fresh cuts that injected some pure R&B soul to your playlists with a bit of a pop twist through catchy melodies. Citing influences from new faves Kehlani and Mahalia, there is also a distinct nostalgia to her production that throws it back to the likes of Ciara and Christina Millan. 

Her debut mixtape ‘For Her’ further explores this experimentation by adding three extra new songs on-top of the previously released singles that turn up the heat, add some sassy flavour and also show a more reflective side to her artistry. 

‘Trophy’ is THE song. It’s the fiery moment that you knew was coming and it may just be the breakthrough track she needed for mainstream radio. It’s nostalgic R&B done right and has a slight latin influence within the production which also makes it fit in with the current sonical trends. 

Taking a stand for female empowerment, this track is all about knowing your worth and making sure that you always feel like a trophy, which is 100% what you deserve. “Hold me like a trophy” she exclaims during the grabby hook. 

The slow jam vibe of ‘Proud Of Us’ adds a bit of soul and seductive energy to her vocal delivery and sets the foundations for closing track ‘365’ to be as memorable as it is. 

‘365’ is a reflective slow jam with a nostalgic twist. Reflecting on all of the ups and downs that can happen in a year, she explores on the impact those moments can have on who you become as a person. It’s a really cool concept that that will immediately resonate with listeners as they start to reflect on their past year and the events that have shaped them. 

It’s a great way to close the mixtape as it sums up all of the ideas that the six songs explore while also ending it on a very smooth sonical note. Throughout this mixtape she also shows different sides of her artistry that highlights some personal growth that she’s been through along the way which promises for a even more impressive follow up. 

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