SINGLE REVIEW: Justin Bieber feat. Kehlani – Get Me 

To coincide with the release of the first episode of his new YouTube Original series ‘Seasons’, Justin Bieber has announced the release of his fifth studio album ‘Changes’ for February 14. 

With the release date only two weeks away, Bieber has dropped instant gratitude track ‘Get Me’ to accompany his flop lead single ‘Yummy’, which has absolutely bombed on charts and radio. 

Sonically ‘Yummy’ is just a mediocre track with no real substance and leaves listeners feeling severely underwhelmed after his highly acclaimed album ‘Purpose’, which redefined his artistry. Leaving fans wanting to hear more of this experimentation, he’s taken a step backwards and headed towards the minimalistic sound he explored on ‘Journals’ but it’s very one dimensional and struggles to captivate listeners. 

‘Get Me’ follows in ‘Yummy’s’ footsteps and hears him delivering another song that just sits in one singular tone and struggles to create any special sonical moment. 

It’s in moments like this that a strong storyline and lyrical content can save a song, and can explain why an artist has stripped things back completely, but the lyrics here are pretty vanilla. 

Reflecting on his love for his wife and the deep connection they have, he simply puts it as “you get me”, and the premise doesn’t really evolve from there. The strongest line from the song is; “Judging by the way you open up, you get me”, and lets be real, that’s really saying something. And not even Kehlani’s involvement couldn’t save it. 

I want to be wowed by what Justin is releasing again, but this “new evolution” of his artistry is lacklustre.