SINGLE REVIEW: Demi Lovato – Anyone

After an 18 month hiatus, Demi Lovato is back and ready to sing her truth. ‘Anyone’ is a heartbreakingly beautiful ballad that plays as a cry for help during one of her darkest moments. 

She wrote and recorded the song days before her drug overdose in 2018. Looking back on the song’s creation she believes that she was preemptively trying to ask for help through music as she wasn’t strong enough to actually explicitly ask for help in that moment. 

With her truth out in the world, this song hits differently as you can physically feel the pain and hurt in her vocals as she sings the lyrics and pleads for help. 

“Anyone, please send me anyone. Lord, is there anyone?. I need someone” she emotionally sings during the heavy chorus. But it’s the lyric “I feel stupid when I sing. Nobody’s listening to me” that emotionally hits in a different way. Feeling like you’re not being heard when you need it is one of the hardest things to deal with. And hearing her voice that feeling resonated with my own personal demons. 

“I tried to talk to my piano. I tried to talk to my guitar. Talk to my imagination. Confided into alcohol. I tried and tried and tried some more” she confesses as she details everything she tried to do to get better before her relapse occurred. 

While this song is really beautiful, it is also a really difficult song to listen to. It’s so raw and heavy in every way. And the somber piano production adds to that raw simplicity that embodies the lyrical content. She hasn’t tried to over complicate it with production or vocal quirks and just let the raw power and lyrics tell the story.

She may have had her doubts over the past couple of years, but hopefully she knows that everyone is listening now, and everyone is there for her.