SINGLE REVIEW: Ziggy Alberts – Together

Ziggy Alberts is an artist who has always stood up for what he believes in and has used his platform as an artist to raise awareness about our environment and urge the importance of speaking up. So with the current state of Australia with the devastating bushfires that have struck the nation, and the lack of Government support that has followed, it doesn’t surprise me that Ziggy has put his feelings into a song.

‘Together’ is a song that dives deeper than just the Australian Bushfires as he reflects on the state of the world and the lack of support and understanding that is being shown from the Governmental representatives. 

It’s now more than ever that we need to come together and make a positive difference as a society. There are so many things we could be doing, but well all need to be in clear unison of the change we want to see and make. We then need to take a stand and urge the shift of difference. And that’s what he sings loud and clear during the chorus.  

“And I will fight for this. Stand for right over wrong as our old trees are burning down. And I will write for this country I adore. And we can come together now. And I will stand beside you”. 

Sonically this song stays very minimalistic with just his acoustic guitar driving the sound, but his pop infused melodies adds another layer and creates that anthemic singalong energy that his live show is full of. And it also allows the storytelling and the underlining message of unison be the biggest takeaway after listening. 

10% of the proceeds from streaming sales of this song will be donated to organisations involved in the Australia Bushfire relief.