SINGLE REVIEW: LOVA – Jealous Of My Friends

In 2018, Swedish singer-songwriter LOVA introduced herself to listeners with a collection of honest and catchy pop tracks that allowed you into her inner monologue. 

With two EP’s now in the world, she’s ready to keep the ball rolling in 2020 with more new music. Her first song of the year is an honest reflection on how she’s never been one to rely on the feeling of love for validation but by watching her friends fall aimlessly in love she’s started to crave that feeling. 

“Of course I’m getting jealous of my friends. They say how much they really love to be in a relationship, and never have been happier than this. I gotta admit, a part of me is missing it” she admits during the dark synth chorus. 

She opens the song with swooping guitar chords that ooze into a moody and heavy synth that drives the chorus and pulsating energy. 

She begins by admitting she’s usually fine being single during the first verse. “I’m so good at being alone that I almost don’t remember how it felt. The time I was in love with love. I’m so comfy in my role”. 

But when she gets to chorus she admits that she does want more and wants to take a leap of faith; “I’m starting to get tired of myself. Just like romantic movies I would like a happy ending. It’s time for me to let somebody in. So don’t you break my heart”. 

It’s a very relatable storyline that is just pure, authentic and real. Sometimes we do just want more in our life and as much as we tell ourselves that we don’t, sometimes we just want to feel love and that’s okay. And this song perfectly captures that along with a very catchy hook that deserves to be blasted.