SINGLE REVIEW: Kelsea Ballerini – LA

2020 is shaping up to be a big year for Kelsea Ballerini. The Country music favourite will finally release her poignantly titled third studio album ‘Kelsea’ on March 20. Following the release of her singles ‘Homecoming Queen?’ and ‘Club’, this record will see her opening up about her anxieties and her inner-truths that she wants to share with her listeners. It also hears her stripping the production back to basics and giving a chilled out country-pop feel which adds to the intimate lyrical approach.

But while the whole album isn’t expected to be all chilled out, her new single ‘LA’ follows the sonical trend and delivers a confessional about her love and hate relationship with the place where dreams are made and die; Los Angeles. 

“I watch the sun sink down over Santa Monica Boulevard when I’m lonely and I’m missing home. But other times I feel like my blood is running Cali” she admits during the opening moments of the song before reflecting on her anxieties of fitting in, and people only wanting to be friends with her in front of cameras.

Los Angeles can feel very cut-throat and fake, but it can also feel magical and warm. But it’s never in the in-between. It’s always one drastic feeling or another and that can take a toll on someone and that’s what Ballerina explores within this song. 

With a simple acoustic guitar leading the production, she slowly starts to add some percussion, harmonies and a simple pop beat to grow the feel of the song and make it a warm and honest track which sonically sits in the same palette as ‘Club’ and ‘Homecoming Queen?’.