SINGLE REVIEW: Hartley – How It Feels

Throughout 2019 Hartley was introducing herself to listeners with moody and brooding production, dreamy vocals and confessional lyrics. The Brisbane singer-songwriter and producer has been establishing an electronic pop blueprint to highlight her artistic talents and kickstart her career in a impactful fashion. 

Her new single ‘How It Feels’ is the last piece of the puzzle for her debut self-titled EP, and closes the chapter on a self discovery journey as well as a romantic relationship that had very distinct highs and lows. 

Saying goodbye to someone that felt like a huge part of her identity, Hartley learns to sit in that grief and feel the struggle, but then allows herself to grow and move on. 

“This is how it feels to know you’re never coming back home, you’re never coming back to tell me how I can love you more” she sings during the tender hook that is layered with moody beats. 

This track sonically sits somewhere in-between the indie-pop words of Ellie Goulding and Banks with their distinct emotional grip on the lyrical components while the production is brooding with mystery. 

Alongside ‘Own’, this is one of the EP’s darkest moments and shows the contrasting different sides to who Hartley is as an artist. And going into 2020 something tells me we are going to get to know her even more intimately with more releases on the horizon.