SINGLE REVIEW: Hayley Williams – Simmer 

Stepping away from the sonical world of Paramore for a brief moment, lead singer Hayley Williams is finally unveiling her own solo project to the world which hears her immediately heading in a new direction with lead single ‘Simmer’. 

Taken from her debut album ‘Petals For Armor’ which will be released on May 8, she dives into a experimental indie-pop palette that has some slick dark underlining tones that thickens out the conflicting personal thoughts the lyrics detail. 

Reflecting on her personal battle with bottling her emotions up, she strips back her feelings of anxiety, desperation, anger, and compassion and opens up to listeners. 

Letting her inner dialogue in for a brief moment she claims “there’s so many ways to give in” but she reminds herself that fighting to get better is the only way to grow. So she takes control and finds the strength to keep pushing on. 

But one of the strongest lyrics comes during the bridge where she confesses; “wrap yourself in petals for armor” which is also the line that inspired the albums title. 

Sonically this indie-pop track is very dark, moody and experiments with the artistic side of minimalism. Beginning with a Imogen Heap influenced delivery she loops over vocal riffs, a percussion beat and brooding moody synths. Building up to the chorus, she adds a captivating guitar riff that still plays within the minimalism realm. 

It’s a sound that works really well for this track and creates an exciting blueprint for where her sound will head within this new project. Just remember that this isn’t a Paramore record so expect to be surprised and expect her to give you something fresh and new.