SINGLE REVIEW: Alex The Astronaut – I Think You’re Great

Over the past few years Alex The Astronaut has taken us on a journey of unique and raw storytelling with songs about equality and domestic violence leading the way. For her new single ‘I Think You’re Great’ she touches on the importance of checking in on each other and keeping that conversation open for when things get tough and when you just need someone to lean on.

The opening guitar riff reminds me of a Blink 182 song and that heavier band experimentation comes from the fact that the song was co-produced by Ball Park Music’s Sam Cromack and Daniel Hanson. 

It’s one of her most upbeat tracks yet and takes on a bolder production than her previous material. However it doesn’t substitute her rawness and honesty to have this enhanced sonical palette. It’s still quintessentially her at the roots of it and they’ve just built a more fulfilled sound around her. 

“You don’t always have to smile. You don’t only have to cry at night. When tears stain your face and you’re not feeling great about being there again and again, cause I think you’re great” she sings during the uplifting chorus. It really is a perfect reminder that you are loved and that you do care for moment where you don’t believe in yourself anymore. 

It’s a humbling and warm song that will also be a great addition to her live set.