SINGLE REVIEW: Jonas Brothers – What A Man Gotta Do

Returning to the spotlight in 2019, the Jonas Brothers made a huge comeback which saw them scoring their first Billboard #1 with ‘Sucker’ before backing it up with their #1 album ‘Happiness Begins’. 

After extensively touring North America, Latin America and Canada on their biggest tour yet, the brotherly trio have taken some time off over the Christmas and New Year break before heading over to Europe at the end of January to continue the tour. But they haven’t seemed to stay too quiet while they’re on break because they’ve just dropped a new single which serves as a direct gift to the fans. 

‘What A Man Gotta Do’ comes just in time for their Grammy Awards performance and the revival of their world tour, and at it’s core is classic Jonas Brothers with the perfect blend of smooth harmonies and fun production.

However while they do get experimental within the delivery, it does come across a little too “yee-haw”.

Exploring devotion, they sing about wanting to take the next step with someone and officially making them your full world, but not not knowing exactly how to show that.

“I’m not tryin’ to be your part-time lover. Sign me up for the full-time, I’m yours” Joe Jonas sings during the smooth pre-chorus

It’s a sound they haven’t shown interest in until now when it’s conveniently popular. But the best thing about country is that it’s raw and sometimes for the biggest and best impact, it doesn’t need to over produced or polished. However they polish it all the way up and layer it with harmonies and pure pop-funk melodies.

Instead of impressing as “experimental’ it ends up coming across as cliche and underwhelming. I wanted something bigger from them and instead they’ve just flatlined.