SINGLE REVIEW: Ella Eyre – New Me

Ella Eyre is ready to reintroduce herself to listeners under a whole new sassy and confident light. 

It’s been five years since the British singer-songwriter released her emotionally charged and soulfully driven debut album ‘Feline’, but a lot of things have changed during the in-between moments. 

She’s embraced her inner confidence and has come out swinging on her first track of 2020. ‘New Me’ honestly feels like a new beginning for her and acts as the bridge towards her new pop material. Previous singles ‘Mama’ and ‘Ego’ felt a little uninspired and lost within her new sonical discovery, but this song manages to fully capture it in it’s captivating form.  

“No, Ella ain’t here, it’s the new me. I don’t make time for your fooling. Kinda got things to be doing. It’s the new-new me, yeah, it’s the new me” she sassily quips during the epic chorus that drops so confidently and boldly. 

Reflecting on the end of a relationship, she puts a spotlight on that feeling of discovering your inner-confidence and inner-self again which is so euphoric. She’s unapologetically herself and embraces the empowering stance that she is surrounding this song with. 

Sonically taking inspiration from Dua Lipa’s ‘New Rules’ and ‘Mabel’s ‘Don’t Call Me Up’, she turns the sass all the way up and delivers bold rhythmic synths and percussion which doesn’t shy away one bit.  Continually adding layers, this song keeps on building to be one hell of a moment.