SINGLE REVIEW: Ryan Beatty – Casino

The musical evolution of Ryan Beatty has been fascinating to watch over the years with the Californian singer-songwriter on a coming of age journey of self discovery. 

From rising to fame through posting YouTube covers in 2011 and becoming a poster-boy as the “kid next door” for teenage girls all over America, he took some time away from the spotlight to address a few things in his personal life. 

After coming out as gay in 2016 he reintroduced himself to listeners with a mature new sound that was genuine and honest. Since then he released his debut album ‘Boy In Jeans’ and has featured in tracks by Brockhampton, Tyler The Creator, Benny Blanco and Kevin Abstract. 

His sophomore record ‘Dreaming Of David’ is slated for release later this year and following his singles ‘Dark Circles’ and ‘Patchwork’, he wants to give listeners another taste of what is to come.

‘Casino’ is an acoustic led indie folk-pop track with psychedelic tendencies. The sonical palette is very similar to Troye Sivan’s ‘The Good Side’ and hears him also layering his dreamy vocals and creating a melody that feels so intimate. It comfortably sits in that lane and allows the lyrical content to take centre stage as he analyses a relationship he was in.

Reflecting on the power of the relationship, he confidently states in the chorus; “Love me to death or don’t give me anything” which gave the guy an option to leave. Later during the bridge he explains the emotional hold he still has on him. “Come around like sun. Most the time you’re on my mind”. 

This is a dreamy little guitar moment which continues the evolution of who Ryan Beatty is as an artist and keeps the bar raised for his forthcoming new album.