SINGLE REVIEW: Birds Of Tokyo – Two Of Us

With a year of new music planned, Birds Of Tokyo have kicked off 2020 by dropping a new track that some of their die-hard fans will already be acquainted with. 

‘Two Of Us’ was premiered during the Perth five-piece’s recent Australian tour, where they impressed the audience with the strong songwriting while the soothing hook showed a lot of promise for yet another commercial crossover. 

Love is a funny thing but it’s also a really powerful one too, and the alt-rockers explore the intensity and heavy emotions behind love as well as the warmth and the hopefulness that embody the age-old feeling. 

“I will always be with you. Got your name on my heart. In the shape of a tattoo. It’s my favourite piece of art” lead singer Ian Kenny sings during the romantic chorus. 

The song begins stripped back with just a simple guitar riff and Kenny’s vocals harmonising through the first verse before breaking into a gospel influenced chorus that feels bold, hopeful and sense of togetherness in a time where we really need it. It’s also one that you will want to singalong to during their live show. 

There is such a warmth and real heart behind this song, and it’s because of this that I won’t be surprised once it’s added to heavy rotation across all of the mainstream radio stations in the country.