SINGLE REVIEW: Mandy Moore – Save A Little For Yourself

2020 has only just started and it’s already been graced as the year of the ultimate pop comebacks, so you better buckle in tight. 

It’s been thirteen years in between albums for Mandy Moore but on March 6 she’s changing that with the release of ‘Silver Landings’. The ten track record will hear the singer-songwriter stepping back into the spotlight with her honest storytelling highlighted in these earnest tracks. 

Alongside previously released singles ‘I’d Rather Lose’ and ‘When I Wasn’t Watching’, the album will also feature new single ‘Save A Little for Yourself’ which Moore has coincidentally released alongside the album announcement. 

The country and folk inspired pop track is a humble song about loving and respecting yourself whole heartedly. As humans we always put all of this energy and effort into other people and we sometimes forget to do that for ourselves. So she reminds people to save a little loving, energy and time for yourself because you should be your own number one priority. 

“Save a little for yourself, never give it all away. Save a little for some help, you know you’re gonna need someday. You’ve got a lotta love, enough to go round. Save a little for yourself” she soothingly sings during the chorus. 

But outside of the chorus there are some lyrical golden nuggets scattered through the verses that act like virtues that you should always remember. From “When someone gets the best of you, don’t let them take the rest of you” to “If you wanna stop feelin’ invisible, it doesn’t take a miracle” she has created a really insightful listen. 

This song feels like a giant warm hug and with it’s chilled out country-pop essence it’s a hug that you may need first thing in the morning, while you’re at work or coming home from a day you wish hadn’t happened. 

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