LIVE REVIEW: Cirque Du Soleil – Kurios; Cabinet Of Curiosities 

Layered with acts that encourage audience members to believe in the impossible, befriend their imagination and discover the natural curiosity inside all of us, Cirque Du Soleil’s Kurios: Cabinet Of Curiosities is a show designed to immerse yourself within the world it creates.

After having the Australian premiere in Sydney in October last year, the touring production has opened the doors of the famous Big Top in Brisbane for a limited run until February 23 before moving onto Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. 

With the SOLD OUT opening night crowd making themselves comfortable inside The Grand Chapiteau with their champagne and popcorn, the show begins with a train arriving into the middle of this new world to introduce the unique curiosities that this show would follow. 

Set in the latter half of the nineteenth century with a vision of steampunk heavily represented, you are immediately introduced to The Seeker who is a scientist that believes there is a hidden world where your wildest and craziest dreams await, and all you need to do is follow your imagination. 

Following his lead, you are ushered into the hidden world where gymnasts, acrobats, contortionists, hand-puppeteers, clowns and more bring the “anything is possible” attitude to life. 

Written and directed by Michael Laprise, he has perfectly captured a unique blend of humour, wow factor and thrilling tension through the diverse acts that see the 47 artists hailing from 17 countries. 

From dazzling acrobat acts that will have you on the edge of your seat dripping with nervous sweat to upside-down dinner parties, upside-down bicycle riding and gymnasts who fly in the air with such grace and confidence, there is a genuine electric energy that is embodied within the show. 

But aside from all the dazzling acts, there is a genuine heart and soul to this show. With an hilarious hand puppet show and an innovative “Invisible Circus” routine built into the show, they really have catered to the many different ages that fill out the Big Top every night. 

And it wouldn’t be a Cirque Du Soleil show without some of their infamous audience interaction as well as their pre-show and intermission engagements that continue to break barriers between the audience and the show. 

Soundtracked by an all original score, the music pays homage to Cirque Du Soleil’s French roots while also playing up to the nineteenth century period setting. Fusing jazz with electro-swing, the live band flawlessly deliver a language defying soundtrack that is so fitting and adds to the dramatic tension the show builds around. 

The whole show will have you nervously watching as you unapologetically gasp and avidly look around in disbelief because of the impressive acts you witness. The worldly experience will also leave you truly believing in the impossible and wanting to express your imagination in a bolder way than you had before you walked into the show earlier that night.

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