SINGLE REVIEW: Delta Goodrem – Let It Rain

With the devastating bushfires burning across Australia, the last month has been overcast with a deep sadness as the country grieves and prays for families that have lost their homes, pets and loved ones, as well as try to fight for a safe future. And while this has been happening the Government have lacked to support in aid and have been doing the bare minimum to actually fix the crisis at large. So Australians and citizens of the world have come together to raise money for the drastic help that is needed. 

Musicians, booking agents and venues have jumped on board across the country to do fundraiser shows, with everyone trying to do what they can to support. And finding another way to raise money and awareness, Delta Goodrem has released a song that vents her frustration and grief with what is happening in this state of emergency.

Praying for change and praying for rain to help aid firefighters, she sings during the chorus and captures the sense of desperate hope that everyone in Australia is holding onto. “They say keep on praying and we’re waiting for the rain. Let it rain here today”. 

She also empathises to everyone who is affected by this crisis and thanks everyone who is trying to help. “Thank you to our saviours. We all know that you’re saving, you’re saving the day. And we’re grateful for the heat you take away”. 

It’s a simple and beautiful piano ballad which strips back to her roots and allows the emotional song make a real impact through it’s very real lyrics. 

All proceeds from this track will go directly to the bushfire relief appeal. You can purchase it on iTunes and Google Play now. 

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