SINGLE REVIEW: Conan Gray – The Story

If you don’t have Conan Gray on your immediate radar, then you need to get acquainted with this newcomer ASAP because he’s going to be one of the biggest breakthrough artists of the year.

The Californian singer-songwriter has been steadily building his online presence through releasing a string of singles that have begun to tell his story to listeners and let them into the candid thoughts, feelings and emotions that are running through his head. 

‘Maniac’, ‘Crush Culture’ and ‘Generation Why’ are perfect examples of his candid expression that he’s unveiling with these coming of age stories and reflections. His debut album ‘Kid Krow’ will be released on March 20 and to coincide with this exciting announcement he’s dropped one final single to tie fans over. 

‘The Story’ is the albums closing track and is an autobiographical look at his life before the whirlwind fame that his life now revolves around. 

He questions the way the world works, and reflects on the fear that is instilled within us from a young age of who we have to be and what we have to do. I can tear some people apart, and through us journey he has seen it do just that. 

“I’m afraid that’s just the way the world works. It ain’t funny, it ain’t pretty, it ain’t sweet” he confesses during the opening lines of the chorus. 

Sonically it’s very different to the previous single ‘Maniac’ which was a punchy and pulsating synth lead track that holds a lot of commerciality. On the other hand ‘The Story’ is a stripped back guitar lead track with soothing synths and beautiful harmonies layered to create a moment which is somber and sweet. It’s comfortably moody and that’s the emotion he wants to evoke. He wants you to dream about the story and envision your own representation while listening. 

It’s a track that perfectly suits as the closing moment to his debut album because it’s a sweet reflection of who he is and the values that he’s come to find in his coming of age quest. 

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