SINGLE REVIEW: Tame Impala – Lost In Yesterday

Ahead of the release of his fourth studio album ‘The Slow Rush’ on February 14, Tame Impala is ready to dive deeper into the dreamy psychedelic disco soundscape that he’s created. ‘It Might Be Time’ and ‘Borderline’ have been clear standouts so far with their complex layering and shifting festival ready sound while ‘Posthumous Forgiveness’ was more of a relaxed affair. 

But his new single ‘Lost In Yesterday’ attacks the disco influenced sound in a bigger and bolder way. From the engaging first listen you will be immediately captivated by it’s pulsating synth delivery and groovy baseline. 

Reflecting on the way time can distort memories and feelings, he gets really nostalgic within the lyrics and production as he reflects on these feelings and the thought of needing to let go. 

“If they call you, embrace them. If they hold you, erase them. Cause it might’ve been something new to say. Does it help to get lost in yesterday?” he sings during the incredibly catchy chorus. And it will have you wanting to stop for a second and reflect on your relationship with time and memories. How have you reacted over the years in some of your most emotionally fuelled moments?

As the song heads into the refrain, he distorts the production slightly to give a different vantage point and proves that he’s not going to just get comfortable within his production.

He is always looking for different angles, and this song is definitely his boldest moment yet from this upcoming record. So get ready to start grooving.

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