SINGLE REVIEW: Oh Wonder – Happy

Oh Wonder’s forthcoming third studio album is probably one of my most anticipated releases of the year solely because of how captivating, honest and real their recent singles ‘Hallelujah’ and ‘Better Now’ were. 

So with the promise of it coming “soon”, they’ve dropped another new track to kick off 2020. ‘Happy’ is a very different song for them in so many ways. It doesn’t sound like a “typical” Oh Wonder song upon a first listen but once you dive in deeper there are so many different layers.

Starting off somber with oozing synths, the dynamic duo reflect on running into your ex after a long time and not being full with hatred, sadness or resentment. “I didn’t think that I’d see you here tonight but there’s something kinda nice about it. It’s been a year since you gave me back my love and I wonder how you’ve been without it”. 

And then they realise that they are with someone else and they seem happy, which makes them weirdly happy, and it’s a really fresh and nice take on a break up. “I never thought I’d be happy to see you with somebody new. Never thought I’d be happy to see you do the things we do” they sing during the hook which is layered with big indie-pop beats. 

This is a song that takes a couple of listens to really appreciate as it is sonically quite different to a lot of things they have done in the past. 

However, I’m still a little unsure of how I feel about the tropical indie-pop beat in the hook as it feels a little over-done and predictable in a pop sense. And I kinda thought they would be a bit more sophisticated with their production of it instead doing a straight up pop hook. 

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