SINGLE REVIEW: Hailee Steinfeld – Wrong Direction

Hailee Steinfeld is an artist I really thought would’ve dominated the pop music scene in a bigger way over the past couple of years. From her version of ‘Flashlight’ in Pitch Perfect 2, to her singles ‘Love Myself’, ‘Starving’, ‘Most Girls’, ‘Back To Life’ and ‘Rock Bottom’ to collaborating with Alesso, Drax Project, ‘MNEK’, ‘Machine Gun Kelly’ and Digital Farm Animals, she has got the discography to back her up. And then don’t even get me started on her film presence because ‘Edge Of Seventeen’ is truly one of my favourite films and she was beyond incredible in that. 

But maybe 2020 is her year for music to really take the spotlight, and the reason I do believe that statement could be true is thanks to the release of her honest ballad which she released on January 1. 

‘Wrong Direction’ is a somber ballad that is about realising that a relationship she was in wasn’t as perfect as it seemed after finding out that her ex-lover was cheating on her. It’s a very literal song that embodies so many emotions. Lead by a simple piano, you can hear every emotion in her vocal delivery as she questions his intentions and questions why she believed everything he said. 

“Loved me with your worst intentions. Didn’t even stop to question. Every time you burned me down. Don’t know how, for a moment it felt like heaven” she sings during the heartfelt chorus. 

It’s such a beautiful and raw song and it honestly didn’t need to have any other layers added to over complicate it. But for some reason they added a little synth reverb over the chorus that hints a bigger drop is coming. But thankfully it doesn’t. But it also feels very unnecessary as a standalone production quirk. 


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