SINGLE REVIEW: Ava Max – On Somebody

Ava Max quickly became one of the most talked about newcomers of 2019 after her smash hit ‘Sweet But Psycho’ dominated the charts globally. But to be honest with you, I don’t get the hype. She sounds like a watered down Marina And The Diamonds and has closely been following a similar to schtick to her and early Lady Gaga with her aesthetic. So the originality factor is severely lacking in this introduction for someone who is meant to be the “next big thing”. 

Kicking of 2020 with releasing a new single, ‘On Somebody’ is the post break-up anthem that is fuelled with a disparity of watching her ex-lover moving on. “I see you moving side to side, side, side, side, side. Two hands on you that aren’t mine, mine, mine, mine, mine” she sings during the synth hypnotic hook. But it’s the lyric; “You never know how much you’re on somebody ’til they’re on somebody else” that really stands out as she emotionally sings it in such a raw way that still suits the synth-pop production.

This track is probably her strongest since ‘Sweet But Psycho’ because she doesn’t try to over complicate it. and doesn’t try to re-create her past hits unlike on ‘So Am I’. She allows the lyrics to take centre stage while singing through a pulsating synth production that feels good. While it is an emotional song, there is an element of sass in the the way the song moves. 

I’m pleasantly surprised that I don’t dislike this song, and hopefully she can keep delivering songs that do surprise me instead of making me want to press skip. 

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